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Sorry, the content is available only in Polish

Sorry, the content is available only in Polish

On 18th of September 2014, the group of specialists in a field of crisis management attended to a workshop organised by the Voivodship Crisis Management Centre. The event was held in Wielkopolska Voivodship Office of Emergency Call Centre in Poznań. During the meeting, a presentation and demonstration of PROCeed system took place. The participants were […]

Get familiar with PROCeed systems basics and learn why it is worth using our innovative solution. Through the PROCeed system guide us specialists and practicioners from a crisis management field.

Isolated cases of flu caused by mutated virus AH1N1 occurred in the Wielkopolska voivodeship. Quickly the number of sick rose uncontrollably which threatens the outbreak of epidemic in the whole region. In the result hospitals are overcrowded and out of medicines. Local governments had to undertake necessary steps to minimize negative consequences of the disease […]

Application description: High water level of Warta river in its upper reaches forces  water discharge increase from a reservoir in Jeziorsko.  Warta river overflows, causing flooding in two municipalities of Slupca district.  As a result surrounding areas are flooded, roads are unpassable, levees are damaged, supply of electricity is interrupted and death of farm animals […]

Description: At railroad crossing in Kobylnica near Poznan a bus collides with freight train. The participants of the collision are: bus driver, 25 passengers and engine driver. Railway and train services conduct actions regarding life protection of the wounded, securing the accident place and reparation.  The effects of the crash are: substantially damaged bus, derailment […]

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