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Development work on PROCeed Manager has begun. This application is intended to provide our employees with more efficient and effective handling of both license purchases and possible reports of irregularities in the operation of games and the environment. The work should be completed this calendar year. The new tool will be possible to use from the summer semester of 2024. We hope that thanks to the system being built, sales and service delivery will be provided at a higher level.

Recently, a concept for a new, English-language decision-making game PROCeed dedicated to children’s safety on the Internet was created. This concept is called “Safe Kids”. The concept was presented to foreign sponsors. It is a game for 4 simultaneous player roles – characters from a typical primary school environment. It contains approximately 40 problem situations that players must deal with. “Safe Kids” received favorable reviews, but it requires an even more thorough market and financial analysis. The production of the game depends on the allocation of funds for its production.

The meeting summarizing the #DAREnet project (more about the project, which concerns increasing resilience to the catastrophic effects of floods in the Danube region, was an ideal opportunity to present the solutions dedicated to crisis management that we create at ITTI. Many thanks to the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) for this opportunity! One such tool is #PROCeed, our computer platform that helps prepare for decision-making in crisis situations such as a flood or epidemic. Thanks to the use of simulation techniques, it enables faithful reproduction of the actual course of a selected critical situation, taking into account all actions taken, as well as taking into account the impact of phenomena, physical objects and environmental elements. More information about #PROCeed itself is available at

This month, an article by Mr. Sylwester Smoleński was published entitled “Crisis Management Procedures”. The article was published under the auspices of the Higher School of Euroregional Economy. Alcide De Gasperi in Józefów. The article presents various types of crisis management procedures and the author’s proposal for the definition of this concept. We hope that procedures will be created specifying the actions of the services in the face of a crisis, and their representatives will be effectively trained in their use, using new PROCeed decision-making games. The mentioned article is available at the link:

The fourth issue of “Social Studies” from 2022 contains an article titled: “Crisis management in the security system” by four authors: Stanisław Krasiński, Karol Zygo, Mariusz Czternastek and Barbara Sawczuk-Gołaszewska. The aim of the above article is to characterize crisis management at individual administrative levels along with a description of the tasks of the authorities responsible for crisis management at each level and the main planning documents in this regard. The full article is available at:

We would like to encourage you to watch the film in which Wiktor Wołoszko talks about the methods of engaging participants in educational games, including those conducted online. The video contains many interesting tips and hints on how to prepare for classes using educational games and how to conduct and summarize them as effectively as possible. Link to the material: How to strengthen the involvement of participants in training games? – YouTube

Dear customers, The failure caused by the fire in Strasbourg in the OVH server room has been averted. You can now use PROCeed again at the regular address. Best regards, PROCeed team

Dear customers, we have a server failure due to a fire in Strasbourg at OVH, where the servers we use are located. We will try to restore PROCeed as soon as possible. Best regards, PROCeed team

On March 23, there will be a free online event organized by Flood Expo. Speakers will present topics such as natural flood management, infrastructure, flood modeling and monitoring. The Flood Expo is the UK’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to helping the most progressive flood professionals and property owners discover the latest products, services and strategies that are changing the way of prediction, protection and floods management. For register, visit: