“The use of computer modeling in political governance” conference

On 21st of January 2013 the representatives of ITTI Ltd. took part in a seminar organized by the Centre for Political Research at the University of Warsaw and Cognitum and Laboratory of Modern Methods of Forecasting and Political and Socio-Economic Simulations. The seminar was entitled “The use of computer modeling in political governance.”

During the four-hour meeting the following issues were discussed: Computer modeling – between theory and practice, Simulations in the regulatory impact assessment – a case study of maternal EU directive, Dilemmas of forecasting and international simulations, Modern solutions for crisis management, Use of simulation in the public administration activities.


The seminar was an opportunity to get acquainted with the activity of the competitors on the market of computer modeling and simulation. During the off the record meetings the ITTI’s team managed to present the principles and instill the PROCeed ideas to the representatives of business, research industry  and administration.

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