Simulation game – „Flood in Slupca District”

Application description:

High water level of Warta river in its upper reaches forces  water discharge increase from a reservoir in Jeziorsko.  Warta river overflows, causing flooding in two municipalities of Slupca district.  As a result surrounding areas are flooded, roads are unpassable, levees are damaged, supply of electricity is interrupted and death of farm animals may cause outbreak of infectious diseases.  District Crisis Management Team undertakes proceedings to overcome the situation and minimize damages.

Players impersonate the Mayor of the District, Analytics and Dispatcher. During the game they are asked to solve more than 30 problems by making the right decisions and as a consequence selecting appropriate management options.




Features of the training:

  • diversity of end game options, depending on decisions made by the members of the District Crisis Management Centre,
  • flood status visualization on digital, topographic maps,
  • coordinating the use of resources and means of the district (including the ability to define the available resources, their characteristics and visualization),
  • considering the impact of the flood on the local environment (eg.  number of flooded buildings in the village, number of victims),
  • increasing the difficulty of the game by introducing a series of secondary events and threads,
  • visualization of the flood status  including changes of  the water level, levees soaking through, flooded and built-up areas, unpassable roads,
  • generating a detailed report with the assessment of the game participants based on the level of compliance with the applicable procedures and plans.


  • Regional, district and municipal emergency management plans
  • Regional, district and municipal flood protection plans, available forces and resources base, flood risk maps
  • The Act of 26 April 2007 of Crisis Management, Journal of Laws 2007 No. 89 item. 590, amended
  • The Act of 27 April 2001 of Environmental Protection Law, Journal of Laws 2008 No. 25 item. 150, amended
  • Act of 5 June 1998 of District Government, Journal of Laws 2001 No. 142  item. 1592,  amended