Epidemic – simulation game

Isolated cases of flu caused by mutated virus AH1N1 occurred in the Wielkopolska voivodeship. Quickly the number of sick rose uncontrollably which threatens the outbreak of epidemic in the whole region. In the result hospitals are overcrowded and out of medicines. Local governments had to undertake necessary steps to minimize negative consequences of the disease including  quarantine of the sick, implementation of special information policy  or constant control of available resources.

Players impersonate: voivodeship crisis management team, three city teams and two borough teams from Wielkopolska voivodeship. Gamers have to solve over 220 problems through making the right decision and, consequently, choosing the best option of procedure.

screen epidemia

Features of the training:

  • different varieties of the end and game play depended on decision made by the members of crisis management teams
  • dynamic visualization of the game play
  • available forces and resources management
  • difficulty level management through additional side quests and problems
  • detailed report with the assessment of the game participants based on the level of compliance with the applicable procedures and plans
  • evaluation of game effectiveness


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