Frequently asked questions

Below we have included answers to the most common technical questions about PROCeed. If you do not find an answer below, please contact us directly.

Check if:

  • The URL in your browser is correct 
  • You entered your credentials correctly
  • You did not enter a student registration code instead of a password
  • Another person is not logged into the same account

Make sure you have access to the internet. Check that the ‘Light’ in the top bar of the coach and players window is green. If it is red refresh the page by pressing CTRL+F5. If refreshing the page only helps temporarily it probably means there may be a port blocker in place on your local network. The removal of this blockade is essential for the correct functioning of PROCeed. In such a situation, it is necessary to contact the IT specialist/administrator managing your local network.

Ask if the person is not logged in as a coach, in which case he/she can only view the game and cannot answer questions. If the person is logged in as a student, ask about the connection status (see question 3).

Yes it is possible, however only before the game starts. The times must be set when naming the game, etc. In the appropriate tab.

You can have several games running at the same time, not just one. You can create groups of 3-4 people (per role), however, it is advisable to allow more time for answers and between events.

What should students pay particular attention to during the game?

They should primarily pay attention to the Events is a kind of narrative in the game and the questions are places/decision points. The map is only an addition/visualisation of the situation.

Has the student registered? Because you have to register first and then log in. There have been a number of occasions where the registration code has been given as part of the password. Did the student log in after registration?

Check the following:

  • what information appears – perhaps the login in question already exists, please try to create an account for a different login,
  • that you are sure you entered your password/repeat password correctly when creating your student account,
  • that the registration key has been entered correctly; that no spaces have been added at the end,
  • Is the student’s email address in the correct format?
  • if the student has entered a unique login; if it appears that the login already exists, it should be changed; the login must be unique for the whole server, not only for the given licence
  • whether the student has logged in correctly after registration

If a game has ended, either automatically or as a result of an action by the coach, the report can be displayed at any time. It is available to the coach in the ‘Game history’. Find the game you are interested in and click on the ‘Show’ button in the ‘Game’ column.

Yes, but it does not have information in its view about which answer options are considered correct. It only has the percentage that its answers match the key.

No, the coach in his account can only view the game and control the course of the game. He cannot influence the course of the game by answering questions. The gameplay is implemented in the system in advance and any changes are only possible at the game design stage.

If a new game has been created after the student has logged in, refresh the page with Ctrl+F5.

If this does not help check which licence the coach is using (note: universities may have several active licences) and that you are sure the student is using the registration key assigned to the correct licence, the same one assigned to the coach’s account.