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PCz Częstochowa University of Technology
Department of Ergonomics and Safety Engineering
SGSP The Main School of Fire Service
Faculty of Civil Safety Engineering
UAM Adam Mickewicz University in Poznań
Faculty of Political Science and Jurnalism
MBA MBA: Higher Education Management
Crisis Management, Gniezno
WUM Medical University of Warsaw
Disaster Medicine Study
WUW Wielkopolska Vivodship Office in Poznań
Civil Safety and Crisis Management Department
UPW Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Faculty Of Environmental Engineering And Geodesy
WAT Military University of Technology in Warsaw
Institute of Systems Security and Defence
wsbt WSB University in Toruń
Faculty: International Relations
cb Collegium Balticum
Internal Security
uphs Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities
Department of Social Science and Security
bsw University of Bydgoszcz
Faculty of National Security
wsbp WSB University in Poznań
Internal Security