Our community of PROCeed educational games users has expanded this year with a new member – the WSB in Poznan. We welcome you warmly and wish you fruitful cooperation.

On 14th of September we have run the first “Training for trainers concerning using of simulation decision-based games PROCeed during academic learning courses”. It was held in the scope of autumn campaign for new higher schools, which have joined the PROCeed Users’ Society. Next training sessions will be held in the form of webinars.

June is the last month of licences validity in case of several partners. We thank for your commitment and trust until this very moment. Recently we have broadened our offer by new games. Thus our offer for the next academic year encompasses: „Flood” version 2.0 „Epidemic” version 1.0 „Railway accident” version 1.0 „Chain of Supply” version 1.0 (final edition) „Maritime Disaster” (betha version) For former clients a special discount is planned. In case of any questions please contact us at proceed@itti.com.pl or by phone + 48 698 692 464.

This year, the Faculty of Logistics of the Military University of Technology joined the PROCeed users. Welcome aboard!

On 18th of September 2014, the group of specialists in a field of crisis management attended to a workshop organised by the Voivodship Crisis Management Centre. The event was held in Wielkopolska Voivodship Office of Emergency Call Centre in Poznań. During the meeting, a presentation and demonstration of PROCeed system took place. The participants were introduced to a decision-making simulation game „Epidemic”. As a result of performing two parallel game sessions, there was a discussion on application our system in crisis management. After a short survey, the workshop was completed by a summary which led us to conclusions on the environment of decision-making games.

Get familiar with PROCeed systems basics and learn why it is worth using our innovative solution. Through the PROCeed system guide us specialists and practicioners from a crisis management field.

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On 3rd of April 2014 the annual event called “University Open Days” took place in the University of Technology in Czestochowa. During the event the ITTI enterprise had the opportunity to present the PROCeed system along with two decision making games Flood and Epidemic. “University Open Days” were organized in order to encourage high school students to study in the University of Technology in Czestochowa. During the event there were instruction movies, decision making games and Red Riding Hood demostration game presented.

From 12th till 13th of May 2014 in the National Defence University in Warsaw 3rd edition of Polish-nationwide conference “Crisis management as a part of national security system” will take place. ITTI enterprise is an official partner of the event. The theme of the this year’s edition is “Crisis management on the voivodeship and self-government level“. During the conference ITTI enterprise will present PROCeed environment, decision – making games (including Flood 2.0 and Epidemic) and virtual lab TASK, which enables preparing multi-dimensional and multi-variant crisis management trainings. We sincerely invite you to participate in the event! http://www.zarzadzanie-kryzysowe.pl

Pracownicy Wydziału Bezpieczeństwa i Zarządzania Kryzysowego Urzędu Wojewódzkiego w Katowicach 15 stycznia 2014 roku wzięli udział w testach gry Powódź 2.0 zorganizowanych przez dr Wiesława Kulmę na Politechnice Częstochowskiej. W kilkugodzinnych testach udział wzięło kilku specjalistów z dziedziny zarządzania kryzysowego, którzy wcielili się w 6 zespołów zarządzania kryzysowego. Za organizację oraz sprawne przeprowadzenie testów serdecznie dziękujemy panu dr Wiesławowi Kulmie.

On 12th of December 2013 in The Silesia Voivodeship Office a presentation and demonstration of PROCeed system took place. The meeting was attended by a dozen of specialists from the Security and Crisis Management Department of the Voivodeship Office. All of the participants were introduced not only to the innovative PROCeed system and environment but also to the two decision – making games Flood 2.0 and Epidemic. As a result of the meeting there will be close cooperation conducted between ITTI Sp. z o.o. and The Silesia Voivodeship Office. The first step will take place in January, when in the Czestochowa University of Technology first joint tests will happen.