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ITTI  Ltd. offers crisis management training by delivering an interactive games, where dynamically changing situation force players to make decisions, which affect future course of the game plot.

Training sessions are tailored to the clients needs and may concern wide range of crisis situations and emergencies.  They are prepared and carried out with the use of innovative PROCeed simulation environment, which combines the features of a simulation and a decision-making game.

From March 2013 ITTI Ltd. offers an access to the beta version of simulation game “Flood” (via Internet).  All you need is a computer, web browser and Internet connection to be able to learn through the game how to deal with floods.

From the 2013 winter semester ITTI Ltd. intends to offer new crisis management simulation games.  However, from 1st of October 2013 the game “Flood” will be available only commercially.

Is it a solution for my organization/institution?

1. We care about people and infrastructure safety

2.  We want to improve the understanding of the risks and their potential effects

3.  We want to make people better oriented in a situation

4.  We want to make people solving problems effectively

5.  We need solutions tailored to our needs

If you support 3 out of 5 statements above, PROCEED is what you need!