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We are proud to present “Red Riding Hood” demonstration game. The game was created in order to present decision making game in PROCeed simulation environment. There are two roles to choose: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. In order to impersonate one of the character click one of the buttons below with appropriate title. We recommend to get familiar with the briefing movie before launching the game. Enjoy!

Briefing movie:

Before launching the game please make sure that you are using Google Chrome or Firefox internet browser.

Thank you for trying our demo game! We sincerely invite you to get familiar with our offer of decision making games launched in PROCeed environment. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail proceed@itti.com.pl or call us at +48 698 692 464.

Important: there could some problems occur in case of:

  • using mobile internet connection
  • using other than recommended internet browser
  • extremely high number of users

Lost connection is visualized by yellow or red indicator light during the game.

In case of any other problems please do inform us!