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What is PROCeed?

PROCeed is a computer system which prepares its users  for proper decision-making in crisis situations. It enables creating and running all kinds of simulation applications and can be used as an interactive decision-making training game, as well as a tool for multi-variant analysis. Implementation of  simulation techniques enables accurate modeling of the actual emergency proceedings by providing all the necessary roles, flashpoints, events, physical objects, or the environment.  While observing dynamically changing situation, application users can influence on the  other users engagement  and make various decisions affecting future course of events.


Complexity, visualization and scope of interaction within the simulated situation is defined by appropriate tailor-made models. These models can be based on pre-defined dependencies as well as may contain complex mathematical and physical transformations adequately reflecting dynamics of the selected events (eg. flood, fire).  With the versatility and flexibility of the PROCeed system, it is possible to prepare and use any detailed model and any selected part of reality, as well as adapt the methods of presenting the situation to specific users requirements.


Why do simulate?

Training and analysis carried out in the real world are the best solution, however they consume time and tend to be very expensive, particularly in terms of necessary repetition. Therefore, acting in simulated conditions is the optimal way of training and analysis of crisis situations. Within the costructed environment  training and analysis are based on the fulfiling  tasks in real-like conditions, using appropriate methods and tools, observing the consequences of one’s decisions and trying to assess the undertaken actions.  Due to the high degree of repeatability and interactive features of training and analysis within the PROCeed system, it is possible to significantly reduce costs and increase effectiveness of the coaching process.  In addition, this type of training and analysis can be provided more often and may consider wider range of possible options.

What are the unique features of PROCeed games?

 PROCeed enables:

  •  Creating  training simulation applications and situation analyzers
  • Fictionalizing the story (creating case scenarios, defining events, creating different situation variants depending on random, enviromental factors and made decisions)
  • Defining simulation roles and decision-making problems based on available procedures, business processes, instructions, legal basis, etc.
  • Developing  the interaction models in order to determine the possible impact or user’s interaction during the game
  • Modeling objects and phenomena (determining their variability, performance, impact on other elements of the simulated reality)
  • Development of visualization methods (term symbols, icons, digital maps, charts, geographical location of objects, etc.)
  • Parameterizing educational games and situation analyzers (determining indicators for assessing the effectiveness of training, definining the course of the session and training groups)
  • ·         Conducting critical situation decision-making trainings and activities:

  • Running educational games in the local and distributed environment (via Internet)
  • Running the game in turn-based or in real-time mode
  • Gameplay reporting with automatically generated detailed reports
  • Working in exercise mode and examination mode
  • Certification of skills
  • Monitoring the course of the game by trained supervisor
  • ·         Providing analysis

  • Defining the scope of parameters variability for the elements of simulated situation, the number of iterations, relevant indicators, etc.
  • Activating the situation analyzers in a single mode or in a batch mode
  • Supervising the game developments using different methods of data visualization
  • Reporting the results
  • Conducting “what-if” studies and forecasts of possible developments
  • Management
  • Data access control and user management system
  • Management of trainings and results
  • Management of analysis (situation analyzers) and results
  • Storage of source procedures, documents, manuals, reports, etc.
  • Collecting tested models in libraries for reuse in other applications

PROCeed system is a copyright solution of ITTI Ltd.