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On 14th of September we have run the first “Training for trainers concerning using of simulation decision-based games PROCeed during academic learning courses”. It was held in the scope of autumn campaign for new higher schools, which have joined the PROCeed Users’ Society. Next training sessions will be held in the form of webinars.

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On 3rd of April 2014 the annual event called “University Open Days” took place in the University of Technology in Czestochowa. During the event the ITTI enterprise had the opportunity to present the PROCeed system along with two decision making games Flood and Epidemic. “University Open Days” were organized in order to encourage high school […]

From 12th till 13th of May 2014 in the National Defence University in Warsaw 3rd edition of Polish-nationwide conference “Crisis management as a part of national security system” will take place. ITTI enterprise is an official partner of the event. The theme of the this year’s edition is “Crisis management on the voivodeship and self-government […]

Specialists from the Security and Crisis Management Department of the Silesian Voivodeship Office participated in the tests of the Flood 2.0 which took place on 15th of January 2014 in the Czestochowa University of Technology. During the tests specialists from the Security and Crisis Management Department impersonated 6 crisis management teams during hypothetical flood in the Wielkopolska Voivodeship. […]

On 14th of February 2013 the presentation of PROCeed platform and educational decision-making game “Flood”was held  at the Faculty of Civil Safety Engineering, Central Fire Service School in Warsaw. The presentation was attended by the Head of Safety Research Paul Kępka and senior captain  Wiktor Gawroński. If the talks end successfully Central Fire Service School […]

On 15th  of February 2013 the STAS project workshop was organized at ITTI Ltd. office in Poznan. The meeting was attended by experts of crisis management, development of educational games and simulation modeling.  The aim of the workshop was to verificate the methodology and to validate a prototype simulation application STAS (aka PROCeed Designer).  The […]

On 12th of February 2013 representatives of ITTI Ltd. conducted a training session for the personnel of the Faculty of Material Processing and Safety Engineering at the Technology University in Czestochowa. The participants of the training were coaches who apply decision-making game “Flood” in their educational activities.

On 11th  of January 2013 the PROCeed product and educational decision-making game “Flood” were presented at the Faculty of Material Processing and Safety Engineering  at the Technological University in Czestochowa. The University organizer of the meeting was Mr. Wieslaw Kulma.  The meeting was attended, among others, by Vice-Dean for Science Association  Marcin Knapiński and Director […]

On 13th of  December 2012 the PROCeed platform was presented at the FREESIC workshop entitled “Problems of crisis communications services”.  The meeting was held at the Centre for Banking and Finance in Warsaw. The workshop participants discussed: practical issues related to the processes and cultural contextes, financial matters, legal, technical and security issues. Co-operation during […]